York LX Series Heat Pumps

The York LX Series heat pumps are the second-best from this manufacturer.  These are single-stage heat pumps that offer standard efficiency.  There is only one Energy Star model in this lineup.  Their key benefit is the lower price point they offer than much of the competition.

This overview of the LX Series will help you decide if these models are a good choice for your home. For comparable models, see our posts on the Lennox Elite, Goodman SSZ, Trane XR, American Standard Gold, and other mid-level series. You’ll also find York heat pump ratings posts that will give you more details about specific models.

Overview of the York LX Series Heat Pumps

Models: The 3 models in this series are the York LX YHJF (14.5 SEER, 8.5 HSPF), York LX YHJR (13 SEER, 8.75 HSPF), and the York LX YHJD (13 SEER, 7.7 HSPF).

Energy Efficiency: These are standard-efficiency heat pumps.  Only the YHJF is Energy Star qualified.  Heat pumps with this level of efficiency are best for areas with moderate climates – those with both mild winters and summers that don’t get very hot.  Because of their lower price, they are also popular in cottages and vacation homes where part-time use makes the low cost more attractive than high efficiency would be.

Performance: These are single-stage heat pumps.  They offer basic on/off operation that is not as quiet as 2-stage operation and does not heat or cool as gently.

Price: These heat pumps are priced very competitively.  York is working to grow market share and overcome concerns about quality by offering some of the best pricing in the industry.

Pros and Cons of the York LX Series Heat Pumps

The low price of these heat pumps is their biggest plus.  They cost 5%-20% less than comparable units.  The second benefit is the solid 10-year warranty that covers the compressor and the parts.

There are 2 primary drawbacks to these units.  The first is their single-stage operation.  If you’d prefer better climate control, fewer temperature fluctuations and enhanced humidity control, consider a 2-stage model.  Secondly, there are concerns about the quality of the York LX heat pumps.  Their service record is below average.


The York LX heat pumps, with single-stage operation and standard efficiency, are a low-cost alternative to more efficient 2-stage models.  If you’re goal is to save money on your next heat pump purchase, a York LX Series heat pump might be a good choice.

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  1. David Sharp says:

    I’m looking f0r a York Affinity 8.5 HSPF installed. The current AC unit is 4 ton. The heating system is gas forced air.

    Thanks —

    David Sharp

    838-3864 (Ext 10)

    • admin says:

      While I dont know of any contractors in your area code

      Our strategic partner will provide you quotes at no charge. Click here for Heat Pump Estimates

      The prices will vary as well by contractor because they can and will upsell to make a very inflated margin

      Make sure to get as many quotes as possible before pulling the trigger

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